Making money online???

I have been looking for easy (yes I know nothing is easy anymore) ways to make a little extra money. Here Iam blogging (or trying to blog) about things that I know and love. I do know that I use coupon apps more than anything, they have paid off a little. Great money back shopping apps that I absolutely love are Ibotta, Walmart Savings Catcher, Reciept Hog, and Shopkick.
Walmart Savings Catcher is on the actual Walmart smartphone app. If you don’t know about it already, all you do is scan your receipt after you shop (any receipt) and will check surrounding competitors in your area to find lower prices. Sometimes it’s hit or miss, mostly considering what you buy. If any lower prices are found you get the difference.
Ibotta you can download to your phone or tablet, unlock your deals, go to the store to buy them, then scan when you get home and have that money in your Ibotta account. YOU can cash out after $10 into a paypal or venmo account, or you can cash out for gift cards, such as amazon, walmart, best buy etc.
I am also a member of Inbox Dollars, Toluna, Panel App, Swagbucks, NCP, and a few other survey websites. Granted I haven’t made a ton of money, but I have made enough to transfer to Amazon gift cards which I love!! So if you are looking for a few extra dollars I would recommend trying these apps.

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