Party Time!!

Today beginning at 2 pm I will be having my first Linen World party on Facebook! Please join me, I would love to show you all the products that Linen World has to offer. I will post a link straight to my ordering page. Tell all your friends. This is the link to my Facebook event page.
This is my ordering site link! cancer-warrior-blanket-4

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Linen World Consultant

Good morning folks!! As always I am looking for opportunities to make money online. I love direct sales, and of course my fiancee and I are looking to go to events with the stuff we make and sell. I found a company called Linen World online. This company has some amazing products, household goods, blankets, kitchen gadgets, bathroom essentials, just overall great products for your home, or to give as a git to your friends and family.
I research online for free or low cost ways to start, as I am a mom of 3 and income is running low (who’s isn’t now days). So I came across Linen World, checked out what it offered and decided to sign up. Within a few days I have gotten my own website, lots of great information about the company ( to help my consultant journey), joined their Facebook group and have had nothing but amazing information given to me from the consultants and leaders in the group.
Sign up is FREE, hosting is FREE (with some pretty amazing benefits), consultants get 25% off their personal orders. Most of all I believe I am going to love working for this company. I have a place to go if I have questions, that way it won’t be so hard to get my business up and running.
If you would like to shop with me, host a Facebook party, or just become your own consultant, I’ve shared a link to make it all possible!! If you decide to shop with me clink the link below and make sure you click on the red shop now button. You can become a consultant as well from there, just enter “Elaine Dawson” in the consultant referral box.

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Making money online???

I have been looking for easy (yes I know nothing is easy anymore) ways to make a little extra money. Here Iam blogging (or trying to blog) about things that I know and love. I do know that I use coupon apps more than anything, they have paid off a little. Great money back shopping apps that I absolutely love are Ibotta, Walmart Savings Catcher, Reciept Hog, and Shopkick.
Walmart Savings Catcher is on the actual Walmart smartphone app. If you don’t know about it already, all you do is scan your receipt after you shop (any receipt) and will check surrounding competitors in your area to find lower prices. Sometimes it’s hit or miss, mostly considering what you buy. If any lower prices are found you get the difference.
Ibotta you can download to your phone or tablet, unlock your deals, go to the store to buy them, then scan when you get home and have that money in your Ibotta account. YOU can cash out after $10 into a paypal or venmo account, or you can cash out for gift cards, such as amazon, walmart, best buy etc.
I am also a member of Inbox Dollars, Toluna, Panel App, Swagbucks, NCP, and a few other survey websites. Granted I haven’t made a ton of money, but I have made enough to transfer to Amazon gift cards which I love!! So if you are looking for a few extra dollars I would recommend trying these apps.

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Long time, no post….

It’s been a while since I have posted. I have been busy. School has been out for the summer, I have been make wreaths, hoping to get some sold. I have also been working with my fiancee with paracord items he has been making. I will add pictures to let you see what we have been working on and give you a link to visit his Etsy shop.

Tulle wreaths
Tulle wreaths



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Busy Busy Bee!!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I have been back to work, and busy making wreaths. I have made several wreaths since my last post and I’ve even gotten a couple of them sold!! Between working, crafting and running my Avon business, it’s been just a tad bit hectic. Thank you to all the new registers on my blog, I greatly appreciate it!!! Will post pics of the new stuff soon. Have a blessed day!!

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Two amazing deals in one!

December 16 through December 21, one magical code will unlock 2 amazing offers! Enter code 2DAYSHIP at checkout and you will receive FREE DELIVERY “Guaranteed” by 12/24″ on orders $50 or more plus 25% off orders $75 or more!!! Don’t miss this great deal. Great for your last minute gift shopping, great stocking stuffers, and great gifts for that special person on your list.
Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas!!

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Busy Busy Weekend

I believe this weekend will be my busiest yet. I will be baking, and making Christmas gifts. The aprons from jeans I will be making for the ladies I work with. I am going to try to find deals on baking supplies I have a lot of Christmas baking to do. I have had special orders from the kiddos, they want hard rock candy this year! I have to make Chocolate Chip cookies, peanut butter balls, peanut butter cookies and much more.
I will post pictures of the aprons when I am done with them, I will personalize them. I thought of using puffy paint, or stenciling with regular fabric paint. I will decide depending on the price of the paints. That’s how this bargaining Mama rolls! I wish you all a wonderful weekend time to get crafty!

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