Starting to get the hang of this blogging thing

I think I am finally getting the idea of this whole blog. I am beginning to do what I set out to do. Trying to pitch ideas out there for people trying to pinch pennies, or just get an idea of how to make life a little easier. Please feel free to comment on any of my posts, I will do my absolute best to try to help in any way possible. Or just answer questions you may have. I am very family oriented, I love my children heart and soul, basically trying to get those simple life hacks out there. I feel this is a way that I can help people like (or unlike) me. With this world being so busy and hectic, everyone needs a break now and then. I am here to try to help lighten the load in any way possible. Hope you guys like what I have to offer. Hope you have a wonderful night!!

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Second Post

I just wanted to let everyone know that this isn’t a couponing site. It’s just my personal blog where I will try to find the best deals out there to help anyone looking to save a few pennies. Time are tough and I know what it’s like trying to stretch the almighty dollar. I mostly will blog about my personal experiences with saving money. I am no expert but I do know how to pinch my pennies. I hope everyone who visits will get a little something out of what I post on a daily basis. Have a great day!!

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First Post

Hi everyone!

I am working on getting some deals out there for you. As for right now I will blog about who I am and how much I love deals! I am an avid couponer, and I absolutely love finding a good deal. I do mist of my couponing at CVS Pharmacy. With the CVS Rewards Card and the Extrabucks that I am able to accrue I save a ton of money. Just this year alone I have saved over $700 at CVS. I have a family of five, which include my fiance, and my 3 beautiful daughters. I believe a family of five is a pretty decent sized family. So, to be able to save that kind of money each year is a BIG thing! I hope to provide you with valuable information to help your family save money as well.

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