Linen World Consultant

Good morning folks!! As always I am looking for opportunities to make money online. I love direct sales, and of course my fiancee and I are looking to go to events with the stuff we make and sell. I found a company called Linen World online. This company has some amazing products, household goods, blankets, kitchen gadgets, bathroom essentials, just overall great products for your home, or to give as a git to your friends and family.
I research online for free or low cost ways to start, as I am a mom of 3 and income is running low (who’s isn’t now days). So I came across Linen World, checked out what it offered and decided to sign up. Within a few days I have gotten my own website, lots of great information about the company ( to help my consultant journey), joined their Facebook group and have had nothing but amazing information given to me from the consultants and leaders in the group.
Sign up is FREE, hosting is FREE (with some pretty amazing benefits), consultants get 25% off their personal orders. Most of all I believe I am going to love working for this company. I have a place to go if I have questions, that way it won’t be so hard to get my business up and running.
If you would like to shop with me, host a Facebook party, or just become your own consultant, I’ve shared a link to make it all possible!! If you decide to shop with me clink the link below and make sure you click on the red shop now button. You can become a consultant as well from there, just enter “Elaine Dawson” in the consultant referral box.

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