I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with their families. I hope you got great deals at the Black Friday sales. I did not do any Black Friday shopping this year, most of my gifts were already bought, and thankfully my family don’t want uber expensive things. That’s what I love about my family they know I am on a budget and they try to help me out…..every penny of the way. No I do have teenagers, and yes they want super expensive things, but they usually just wish. They realize how hard times are, so they a perfectly content with the bargains.
This doesn’t mean that if I have a little extra money, that I don’t splurge on my kiddos. Whe I get an arising opportunity, I get them a thing or two that they really want, that goes for my youngest (age 10) as well. She also understands the value of saving a buck. This holiday season I believe will be as good as the Christmases before for my daughters. We also know and believe, JESUS is the reason for this season. The gifts don’t really matter, we have a roof, food on our table, and clothes on our backs, and Jesus in our hearts, that’s what’s needed in our family.
If by any chance though, you are still looking for that great deal, that amazing sale, you may be in the right spot. My JIC e-store will have sales going all weekend long, I will post links to those. As we all know, 2 more days until CYBER MONDAY, then you can cyber your way to my Avon e-store where you will pick up 3 deals in one!!! I was super excited to see this! Keep watching, I will post those an more amazing cyber deals in the hours to come.
I appreciate everyone who follows, subscribes, and reads. Have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget watch for those CYBER DEALS!!!

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