Direct Sales

Are you looking to add supplemental income to your household, are you a stay at home mom who loves a certain product and would like to see that product? Direct Sales companies may work in your favor. By experience I have tried quite a few direct sales companies and have made a little bit of money from them. I love retail, but to do retail in your own home is a great opportunity. Who doesn’t love to go to work in their pj’s?
Direct Sales are pretty easy to find. Some are free, some are very low cost, then there are some that are pretty expensive to start. Which one you choose to latch onto is your choice. In this post I am going to be telling you about several that I am with that are free or at very low cost. I love being able to throw parties online, working in my pj’s and making a little money in the process!
I chose to write about Avon first, as I have been with Avon for 2 years. I got started with Avon because I love Avon products. I knew a few people who were looking for an Avon Representative. I decided to pay the processing fee and become my own boss. Two years ago the processing fee was $10, they have raised that to $15, to help set up your website (which is free, no monthly minimums). Avon beauty products sell themselves, Avon parties are fun to have, Avon is a great company to work for. You can join Avon with me right here Avon
The next direct sales company I would like to talk about is Linen World. Linen World is absolutely free to join. Linen World offers, blankets, throws, miscellaneous bedding, home essentials, and more! I have only been with Linen World for about a month. I have made a sale, and you have the option to buy a starter kit, which will include items from Linen World that you can display at your home parties. Linen World offers a wide variety of household goods.
Linen World also gives a lot of answers to questions you may have. The options with selling Linen World are pretty much limitless. So if you like to give Linen World a shot here is the link, when you join please don’t forget to put my name (Elaine Dawson) in the consultant field Linen World
The third Direct Sales company I am with is also an affiliate link, which you can share to any of your social media pages, or groups. The name of this company is Spirit Lockets. Spirit Lockets offer lockets, charms, watches, and bracelets. You put your charms in the lockets, or dangle them from the bracelets or watches. Make memories with your jewelry, that will last a lifetime. Joining the Spirit Lockets affiliate world is also free. When you join, they will get you set up to your own back office where you have your own link to sell from and build a downline. If Spirit Lockets is for you sign up here add my name for the referrer Sprit Lockets
The last company I want to talk a little about, I just joined a couple of days ago, is Sass N Frass. Sass N Frass offers, clothing, jewelry, home items, essential oils, Purses, totes, bags and more. This company has a $20 processing fee. I do know that this company offers lots of help with a Facebook support group which you will be added to when you sign up. If you think Sass N Frass is for you please feel free to join here and remember add my name (Elaine Dawson as your rep) Sass N Frass

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